Grading the Graders.

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Ranger Review Reporter  Dillon Crump

In all schools, the teacher grades their students based on several different things. Usually it’s on materials such as tests and homework, every once in awhile grading based on some participation points.


This system seems to work, judging that school system has been using it for years and haven’t really had to change anything. The grade in the class is a simple way to see how well a student is doing in the class. Obviously if someone are failing, either the student needs to work harder to understand the class subject or maybe the student  shouldn’t be in the class. If they have a C average in the class then that is suppose to mean they are within the average of everyone in the class. Anything above a “C” should means the student is doing above average in the class.


These grades, however, sometimes do not tell everything.  Such as, how good is the teacher at teaching the subject, or if the teacher is even grading fairly across the class, and not showing favoritism to some students.


Being a teacher is a very important job, because they spend so much time teaching the next generation. If this is done poorly, then there is a potential that the whole generation could not be prepared for their future.  That’s why if students could all grade their teachers on how well they do there job, and it could truly benefit the youth.


Teacher Mr. Miller said ”it could benefit me because it would let me see what I do well and what I could do better on, and it could help the students because it would let them criticize somebody that they normally don’t. It would help me change things that maybe I do to much of, or help me try something new.”


The way it should work is every student takes a simple questionnaire about their teachers after each semester. Based on the questionnaire, grades could be provided to the teachers based on on the students see their performance.  All of the students given grades could then be averaged together, almost exactly like how the students are being graded now.


Based on the averaged grade obtained, the teachers that received lower than a C average would need to attend special training to help improve their teaching skills.  If their grades did not improve over the next year, then they would be replaced. This grading system would make the teacher truly put all of their efforts into their jobs.


It is difficult for districts to remove a teacher who is passed his or her probationary period. This is not always a good thing, since some teachers will just stop trying after they receive their tenure. This is why a teacher grading system should be put into work.

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