Girls varsity lacrosse team dominates first season game


Hope Esposito

Serah Ryals 9 scores goal against Rocky Mountain. “I want to become closer not just as a team, but as friends too.”

Holly Esposito, Ranger Review Reporter

On March 8, the Palmer Ridge girls varsity lacrosse team took on Rocky Mountain as their first home season game. Maddy Lister 10, an attack player, said the team was excited to compete against Rocky Mountain. “We are looking forward to playing Rocky Mountain because it’s new competition for our team.” The team ended last season with a 6-1 record in their league, and 8-8 overall. They started off this season by beating Rocky Mountain 19-8.

Makayla Lundgren 11, an attack player for the varsity team, is excited for the team’s lacrosse season. “I’m looking forward to seeing how our team works together and the chemistry and how that plays out on the field. I’m excited to see how our season is going to go after this game since it’s our first game,” Lundgren said.

Serah Ryals 9, a starting freshman on the team, scored nine goals for the team against Rocky Mountain. When asked about how she hopes for her first season to go, “I want to become closer not just as a team, but as friends too,” Ryals said. She plays midfield for the team and she hopes to improve on handling ground balls, “getting my body in front of ground balls instead of letting the ball role past me.”

Palmer Ridge and Lewis-Palmer High School’s girls lacrosse teams combine into one team with both schools representing Palmer Ridge because there are not enough players from each school to make two teams. The same goes for the boy’s lacrosse team, yet they represent Lewis-Palmer. The players are able to make new friends from each school as they practice and play together for the season.

Lundgren has been participating on the lacrosse team since her freshman year. Lundgren scored one goal against Rocky Mountain in the first half of the game. “As an individual, I want to improve on all areas of the game, but especially when it comes to attack and being able to take charge and be a leader on the field,” Lundgren said.

The team will take on Golden as their first away game of the season. “We are all very close as a team,” Lister said. Currently, the team is holding the number one spot on their league, and they can keep it that way by gaining another win against Golden. As Lundgren said, “I’m looking forward to all the fun memories that we’re going to make and all the wins we’re (hopefully) going to get.”