Temmer works to see her students succeed


Samantha Wilkins, Ranger Review Reporter

Special education teacher Sue Temmer has supported Lewis-Palmer students for two years. Her willingness to get to know her students is as evident as her dedication to seeing those students succeed in school and in life.

“I love the culture at this school, I think there’s a nice balance of just a really good staff and students. With a great focus but an interest in being very good in academics and extracurricular activities, there is a nice balance and culture here. One of the things I’ve learned from students is grace and forgiveness. I think everybody is willing to give you a second chance, and it’s just a very productive atmosphere. I would want to find out what was causing them to struggle and empower that student the best possible way to maybe help them find their own solution to the problem. I love working in the special education department because I get to work with students each and everyday, individually and in small groups. I think it is an effective way to teach students and progress. I retired from the military with 30 plus years of experience. Then I started helping people from different walks of life, which really inspired me to get into special education.”