Harvest of love unites a community


Photo taken in front of Rho Kappa trunk or treat set up

Lindsey Manor, Ranger Review Reporter

Harvest of love week was held on the week of October 28th. Harvest of love is a fundraiser that the school district has actively participated in for a long time. 

Harvest of love week is a week where we raise money and food for Tri-Lakes Cares,” Gianna Bartalo 12, president of student council, said. “Tri-Lakes Cares goal for the fundraiser is to make sure we have a ton of money going in from the schools going into the community for the holidays.”

A surplus of clubs and sports pitch in with different ideas for the spirit days for Harvest of Love week. Some of the spirit days include; NHS donut competition, Key club miracle minute, LINK hat day, Sources of strength raffel and, the Rho Kappa cherry picker. However, most of the week was canceled due to multiple snow days. 

“The snow days definitely crammed the week together,” Bartalo said. “normally, we have more of an opportunity to get involved but the snow days made it harder for people to know about it.”

Even though some of the days got cancelled, what remained was popular amongst the students and raised a lot of money. 

“For our day, Rho Kappa did a campaign where we put Jan up on a cherry picker,” Lissie Artley 11 said. “Everytime students paid Jan stayed up in the cherry picker. We ended up raising about $200.”

Harvest of love is a week about helping people in need and coming together as a community. Many students and staff agree on this and that is why they enjoy the harvest of love week.

“Harvest of love is great because it really unites different members of society,” Mr. Moore, art teacher, said. “Ones that can give and ones that can receive, so it is a good cause.”