Lewis-Palmer boys soccer team progresses through season


Caleb Torres

Lewis Palmer Soccer Boys win another game for the season, “Yeah we’re doing great,” Holland said.

Lily Ragsdale, Ranger Review Reporter

This year, Lewis-Palmer’s varsity soccer team has been working harder to get to the playoff games.  The team has 12 seniors and 9 juniors. So there was a majority of freshmen who got to compete in playoffs their first year of highschool soccer.

“The season and game was a lot faster pace than any other team I’ve played on and a lot more hard work. It’s fun to be around people that actually want to try and actually win.  The people are really passionate about the sport and put their best effort in,” Brandon Lopez 9 said, “The coaches really push you to be the best person and athlete you can be.”

The season is getting better and better each game that passes.  Charlie Holland, a leader on the team, was very proud of how the season has gone as well.

“This year was really good; the team was cooperative and tried their hardest at every game and practice,” Charlie Holland 11 said. “We definitely plan on getting to the next round, the boys were great to play with and we loved the support that we got all year from the people at school.”

After winning league the boys headed to the playoffs, the team didn’t bleach their hair this year but some guys thought it was for the better.

“Me and some of the boys feel that every year the team dyes their hair we lose in the first round. We didn’t want to lose in the first round so we didn’t dye our hair,” Trey Prichard 9 said.

Whatever the superstition it must have worked  because our boys won 5-2 and were on the way to the next round.  Quarters was another amazing victory for the varsity soccer boys.  After the school gathered together to send them off to Denver November 15 at one, they were headed to semifinals.  Semi’s ended with the opposing team winning 2-1, but everyone is super proud of them.

“It may seem cliche but these guys are my family and the next few years are going to be so worth it,” Prichard said, “Just want to say thanks to everyone.”