Lewis Palmer’s Student Section cheers on boys basketball


Dillon Geditz 12 standing second to the right after a Lewis-Palmer victory. “The student section does get hype especially when it’s a close game and a player pulls off a clutch shot or block,” Geditz 12 said. “To make your presence felt you have to be the loudest person in the student section, and the best part of the games is the actual gameplay. Especially when it’s a tight game, there’s no better entertainment than that.”

Elliot Bauer, Ranger Review Reporter

The Lewis-Palmer Rangers faced off against the Pine Creek Eagles on February 16th for the Pikes Peak Athletic Conference, or PPAC, semifinals. The Lewis-Palmer Boys Basketball Team were beating the Pine Creek Eagles for most of the game. The Rowdy Rangers were at the game supporting from warmups to the last buzzer. 

“I like supporting a sport that’s such a big part of our student life,” Dillon Geditz 12 said. “I also think high school basketball is the second best sport ever, next only to college basketball.”

The goal of the student section is to cheer on the home team and try to get in the opponent’s head to mess them up. Whether that’s creating chants for the whole student section to be a part of, or being as loud as possible on defense. The student section is always engaged for the games. 

“I keep coming to the games to cheer on our school,” Mason Perry 12 said. “My favorite chant would have to be “Ranger Nation,” or getting really loud on defense.”

Lewis-Palmer students come to the games for many reasons: basketball games are like a venue for emotional expression. Students go to games because they need an escape from school work. Students will also come because games provide a sense of belonging. No one gets judged for screaming at the top of their lungs. Everyone looks forward to the boys basketball team putting on a great show every night they play. 

“The student section is usually hyped up for most games, but occasionally, there are few [students] that come to support, and it is felt during the game,” Devan Zahl 12 said.

The basketball team is ranked number 1 in 4a. With an undefeated record at home, the student section takes pride in that. The only loss that the basketball team had was during a weekday against a Denver school, so not many students were able to show up. Besides that the Rowdy Rangers make time in their schedules to watch the best team in 4a to play basketball.