End of the Semester Chaos


Hannah Van Duren

Students studying for their upcoming exams and finals coming up in December.

Hannah Vanduren, Ranger Review Reporter

As the semester is coming to an end, the students of Lewis-Palmer High School are rushing to get grades up. Lots of late night studying, flash cards, and organization come with extreme amounts of stress.

Java Hammitt 10 is having a great year so far but is getting more and more stressed as the semester is coming to a close. She is rushing to go in for extra help with her Biology teacher and staying on task while managing Miss Colorado Teen .

“I’m really nervous and overwhelmed about finals and managing my time. The one final I’m really worried about is biology. But I’m working really hard to get the help I need to get a good grade on it,” Hammitt said. “One way I prepare for finals would be taking a lot of notes, study right before the test and eat a good breakfast the morning of.”

Another student, Tommy Lennon 10 is really confident how this semester is going to end. He studies every night for his hardest class in hopes of doing well. Lennon goes in for extra help when he needs it and manages his time wisely.

“As the end of the semester can be really chaotic and stressful, I’m confident that finals will go well. The only class I’m worried about would be AP Euro. It is my hardest class so I just need to keep studying for it. I try to go to bed at a decent time and study at least two hours every night. I’m extremely excited for Thanksgiving break though,” Lennon said.

Mallory Lager 12 has no worries about the end of the semester. Her grades are looking good and she is not nervous about finals. Lager’s techniques for having a good week during finals is to prioritize and take everything slowly.

“The end of the semester can be stressful with managing school work, community service, college applications and cheer. I’m not so much worried about finals week because I know I will do well on them all,” Lager said. “Since i am a senior, I’m trying really hard to prepare for college and working on my time management to succeed in college.”