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People carve pumpkins in a lot of different ways. This pumpkin is a Cheshire cat from Alice and Wonderland.

People Celebrating Halloween Again

Lara Olagne, Ranger review reporter November 12, 2021

Last year because of Covid 19 a lot of things were upsetting, and Halloween didn’t happen. But it comes back this year and Lewispalmer students and staff are excited about it.  “It’s exciting...

Mr. Kintz and Mrs. Baxter at a Culture and Climate interacting with students while having an open discussion. Angel Paredes (middle) and Griffin Greenwood (far left) brainstorming ideas on keeping students involved in and outside of school.

Culture and Climate club discuss issues within the school

Hannah Wagner, Ranger Review Reporter November 12, 2021

A recently started club (called the Culture and Climate Club) is purely based on student voice. Kids were nominated through teachers who selected them to be part of the association. The meetings happen...

The Sources of Strength Club brainstorms how to use the access period after finals. “Students have a flexible time period in the afternoon where students can get help,  finish projects, or whatever is needed,” O’Connor said.

Finals Renamed and Restructured for the End of First Semester

Anthony Steffens, Ranger Review Reporter November 12, 2021

The Lewis-Palmer High School administration is planning a restructuring of the final assessments of December 13th through the 16th. After a 2 year break from finals and a new perspective on assessments...

Jack Markowitz 11 practices one of his solos, “Smell of Rebellion”. He worked really hard to get the role of Miss Trunchbull. “Shes very passionate about cruelty and shes mean and really has little heart so its interesting and difficult to kind of dive deep into my cruel side,” Markowitz said.

Drama Club takes the stage after the Covid Year

Samantha Laudner, Ranger Review Reporter November 4, 2021

The production that the drama club is putting on this year, Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical, is about a gifted little girl who faces challenges that occur in her family and at school, and with the help...

The cast poses at the  end of a rehearsal. “In the drama club we have our own little aura and environment and each crew or cast member has their own as well, and it kind of shows what the people are like at LPHS,” Ashford said.

LPHS Drama Club Prepares Matilda Show for November

Anthony Steffens, Ranger Review Reporter November 2, 2021

The LPHS Drama Club is practicing the show Matilda in our theater for the nights of November 4-6. Mia Ashford 10 is a performer in the show, playing the roles of Amanda and Sergei. The small details of...

Halloween Facts and Fiction: A In-Depth Analysis of Holiday Urban Legends

Halloween Facts and Fiction: A In-Depth Analysis of Holiday Urban Legends

John A Cinnamon, Ranger Review Reporter October 29, 2021

For decades now, rumors and legends have surrounded the crimes perpetrated on all Hallows' Eve. The general populace is terrified of serial killers, poisoned candy, razor blades and needles embedded in...

Colorful racks filled to the brim with various thrifting treasures line throughout the Goodwill Stores. This creates a unique environment for thriftees to shop in and guarantees a find or two.

How to on Thrifting: Monument style

Lily Poteet, Ranger Review Reporter October 29, 2021

As thrifting has developed into a sustainable method of shopping while still participating in the most recent trends, the question of ‘Where to thrift?’ has been hopping from teen to teen in hopes...

Logan Tillett 9, doing his Trigonometry homework which he says is his hardest class that he takes. “I spend the most time on this class and it’s definitely the most mentally straining,” said Tillett.

Student stress causing mental illness in students

Hannah Wagner, Ranger Review Reporter October 25, 2021

The number one cause for teen suicide is mental illness. A study that Common-Triggers-Teen-Stress stated that 36% of students reported feeling anxious or nervous, 36% of students reported feeling tired...

The wind symphony band practices. “Band has been going really well this year,” said Hall, who plays the alto saxophone.

Band uses festive fundraiser to pay for the year’s expenses

Gianna Cozzolino, Ranger Review Reporter October 21, 2021

This year, the band will continue with the decades long tradition of the Greenery Fundraiser. They will be selling wreaths and garlands until October 29th.  However, the fundraiser will be slightly...

Students line up to scan their homecoming tickets before the dance starts.“We didnt have anything last year and a lot of kids that bought tickets were sophomores, who didnt get to have any high school experiences last year,” Carrie Coates SS said. “Lifes gotten a little bit back to normal and they wanted to be part of that.”

Gym Opened to Homecoming After Tickets Sell Out

Anthony Steffens, Ranger Review Reporter October 21, 2021

The 70’s themed homecoming at Lewis-Palmer High School has seen some obstacles in the way of ticket shortages. Carrie Coates SS has spent homecoming week overseeing the sale of tickets. “We advertised...

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