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Meszaros uses dance as a way to cope

Alexandra Meszaros 10, danced at a Starpower dance competition with two of the dance teams at her studio. “It was an interesting experience because it was one of the more advanced dances I had done with another group besides mine; but besides that it was very pretty, very graceful, and there was a lot of meaning put into it,” Meszaros said.
November 16, 2020

Alexandra Meszaros 10, has been dancing at the Sundance Studio since she was 3 years old. Meszaros was put into dance by her mother who always said she loved doing it. “My mom has always told me that...

Atnip crochets for entertainment

Atnip has made many African flower animals, all of which include the hippo, elephant, giraffe, and turtle that she is holding.
October 28, 2020

Breanna Atnip 10 has been crocheting since 2015. It is one of her favorite hobbies to do, and she has made many stuffed animals throughout doing it. Crocheting is working with a yarn and a hook to create...

Balancing school work and extracurricular activites

Hong, Fiocchi, and O’Connell all feel pressured and stressed to be successful, not only balancing schoolwork but extracurricular activities as well. “It's been pretty stressful.”, Hong said.
October 12, 2020

  There is no surprise that this year is different and many are struggling with the changes we are forced to make. Students participating in the hybrid program here at LP are bound to deal with...

Markowitz Pursues Theatre Passion

Jack Markowitz 11 is singing out in the play, Jack: A Moral Musical Tale where he played Jack Horner, a positive, young boy, who always has a bright outlook on life.
October 6, 2020

Jack Markowitz 11 spent four years at the Colorado Springs Conservatory, which is an after school program aiming to teach kids about music and theatre. In high school Markowitz chose not to continue with...

Sport resumes for JV tennis player

Brennan returns a serve in a practice match with his mother. “‘Be aggressive’ That’s probably the best advice she’s [his mother] given me,” Brennan said. “Now I am definitely a very aggressive tennis player.”
October 5, 2020

For Josh Brennan 11, his athletic career has not been put on pause despite the current pandemic. As a junior varsity tennis player, his season began mid August and and lasted for about 3-4 weeks. With...

Student Shares the Positive Outcomes of Gardening

 “One of my favorite things about gardening is how I can decorate my garden, I feel as it shows dedication”, Ana Aquino said.
September 28, 2020

Ana Aquino 11 started a new hobby that brings her joy, gardening. In her backyard she grows a variety of flowers, vegetables, and fruits.  “Gardening is my favorite hobby because it brings me a lot...

Boy remains positive

Russell Pollard was in the military for around 15 years he's a father to Quinten Pollard 10, and 5 other children. Quinten’s mother was also in the military when she was deployed Russell and Quinten became really close. “My hero would definitely be my Dad. My Dad is just such an awesome guy.”, Quinten says.
September 28, 2020

Many students here at LP have family members in the military due to all the bases in Colorado Springs. Meet Quinten Pollard 10, he is one of 6 children, and both of his parents were in the Air Force for...

Book bakes as a hobby

Book bakes as her main hobby. “I bake because it’s fun and easy, and I don’t like the stress to saute and do stuff on a pan because I’m watching it constantly,” Book said.
March 13, 2020

Amelia Book 9 has a passion for baking. When she gets older, she wants to run a bakery. For now, however, she enjoys making cookies and giving them out to teachers and friends. (Possibly change/add more) Her...

Morrison copes with brother and father leaving

Morrison copes with brother and father leaving
March 3, 2020

With Rose Morrison’s father being deployed and her brother going off to college, she faces finding ways to cope with their leaving. “My dad is leaving again, but I've gotten used to the fact that...

Strom prepares for upcoming track season

Strom competes in a cross country meet during the 2019 season. “Running can be so brutal, but I enjoy it because I like to be competitive. The feeling of being sore isn't as bad knowing I ran well and worked hard,” Strom said.
February 24, 2020

Hanna Strom 9 has an aspiration for running. She participated in cross country during the fall season of the 2019 school year, and she plans on competing in track and field during the spring season.  She...

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