The Fastest Growing Sport in the World


Hunter Craig playing disc golf at the Church at Woodmoor.

Bryce Oppenheimer, Ranger Review Reporter

As the disc left my hand I knew it was a good throw. The breeze blew softly over my shoulder.  Then the bell-like sound of the chains jingled and my disc laid in the basket.

Disc Golf is a sport in which a person throws a frisbee at a chain basket using the rules of golf. At the beginning of the sport, disc pole holes were created. These were just poles people had to place in the ground to throw at from a distance.  

As the years passed by and technology became more and more advanced, so did the sport of disc golf. The first disc golf course was set in the ground in 1974 at Oak Grove Park, California. There are currently over six thousand registered courses in the United States today.

Disc Golf has its own professional league called the Professional Disc Golf Association. The association holds a world championship competition every year that attracts large sponsors for the innovative sport.

Hunter Craig,11, is a newcomer to the game of disc golf. Craig is one of the members of the Lewis-Palmer High School Disc Golf Club.

“I heard there was a Disc Golf Club and it sounded like a good time,” Craig said. “It’s really interesting to me because I watch and play golf and I also love to throw frisbees.”

According to Quora, an estimated twelve million people in the United States that have tried disc golf at least once. Many have recommended the fun and exciting sport of disc golf.

Many people believe that Disc Golf will soon be a world known sport. Breaking barriers from television to magazines to all over social media.

In the year of 1976, Ed Headrick created the sport Disc Golf. Headrick started playing with friends and; as they got more competitive, they had competitions to see who could get to a tree in less throws. From that point forward, Disc Golf was born.

Disc Golf Club is held every black day and is working towards holding meetings on orange days as well. The club currently plays at the Palmer Lake Disc Golf Course, but they are looking forward to expanding their play to the Rampart Disc Golf Course, which is situated behind Rampart High School; and other courses throughout Colorado Springs having three new courses just been built.

“I enjoy my black days because of disc golf club and we like to try out new courses,” said Craig, “It’s a fun and great experience and I would recommend this to my friends and everyone interested in trying something new.”

Lewis-Palmer is now introducing the Disc Golf club as a new club this year. There are currently 7 members.

For more information on the sport of Disc Golf, check out websites like, and Disc

The disc golf basket 5 at the Church at Woodmoor
The disc golf basket 5 at the Church at Woodmoor