Seth Wells starts eSports and Gaming Club at Lewis Palmer


Seth Wells eSports coach playing on a Xbox that a student brought in. “I bring in a TV and my switch so kids can play Tetris, stuff like that.” Wells said.

Gryffin Mauss, Ranger Review Reporter

Seth Wells, an eSports coach, started the eSports club here at Lewis Palmer this year not only to compete but to also use video games as a social event. It helps people who are interested in video games find others who also enjoy video games. 

“It’s definitely a club where people can come and connect to play video games. You don’t have to compete in anything if you don’t like to, because not only is it the eSports club,” Wells Said. “It’s a video game club. Students can come in and play old school games, single player, and play multiplayer games against each other locally, or just hang out and talk with each other.”

Students at the eSports club learn more than just video games. They learn how to interact better with others and how other people interact with each other. 

“They learn how to master some repetitive play or learn psychology of other people and how other people work, different things like that,” Wells said.

The eSports club is run through the Colorado High School Activities Association (C.H.S.A.A.). This means that the competitive games played there are C.H.S.A.A regulated. They also use a program called Play Versus Inc. PlayVS is a program that allows schools to easily make and manage teams. 

“The eSports teams are C.H.S.A.A. regulated and there are currently 5 games that we can play in the league,” Wells said. “Those being League of legends, Smite, Rocket League, Smash Ultimate, and Splatoon two, so those are just from C.H.S.A.A. and PlayVS that we work with.” 

The eSports club meets every Thursday from three to five in room 319. For more information contact Mr. Wells, Mr. Reeve-Lobaugh or Mr. Brutsche

“Usually, in the eSports club we usually have people competing in matches with other schools, and the other people who just play games casually, like Super Smash Bros Ultimate is usually what people play,” Wells said. “So mainly playing video games casually as well as playing in matches against other schools.”

To many people video games are more than just games, they are a way to connect with others and hone certain skills. 

“I just view them as puzzles and just having fun with other people and they are a great social thing to have in common with others,” Wells said.