Sources of Strength help their peers find strength


Sources of strength have meetings during both lunches every wednesday in the DLL. During their meetings they play games and discuss the next thing they’re going to do.

Annie Elizandro, Ranger Review reporter

Sources of Strength is a national suicide prevention club with branches at schools all around the country. The club also helps with depression, anxiety, and anger. On September eighth and ninth, the branch located at Lewis-Palmer high school passed out donuts to the student body in exchange for telling the club where they find strength. 


“It helps kids who are struggling with suicidal thoughts and gives them ways to get help with that,” Lydia Piotrowski 11 said. “We’re there just to be there for students that are struggling with depression. To be a way for them to get help.”


Sources of Strength has a wheel that displays the eight sources of strength. It includes mentors, family support, medical access, positive friends, healthy activities, generosity, spirituality, and mental health. They spread their message through art, social media, presentations, videos, and other school activities. 


“Some of the upperclassmen might know that it’s the wheel but they don’t really know what it means, what it represents, or how it can help you no matter who you are,” Mrs. Reeve, English teacher at LPHS said. “The point of the donuts was for people to start to think about what it really is and how it can apply to them. It was also to get people thinking about what their sources of strength are, and what can help them the most.”


The students are the most important pieces of the club. Without them, the organization wouldn’t be able to do its job. Hannah Cooper 11 and Lydia Piotrowski 11 are just two of the students that volunteer with the club’s causes. 


“I just try to help in any way possible,” Cooper said. “I’m there to help with ideas and to get things together. I sort of jump around and do whatever Sources of Strength needs help with at the moment.”


Mrs. Reeve is one of the advisors of the club. The advisors are crucial to the success of the club. Without them, the students couldn’t do their important work.


“The major part of the adult advisor role is to be a trusted adult for students,” Reeve said. “That’s the part that I take the most seriously. I want people to know that I’m a safe place. All of the teachers here are a safe space for students, but one of the reasons that I wanted to be a part of sources is to highlight that. We’re also there to help facilitate. A lot of times students will have good ideas but they need connections to make those ideas happen.”


The next event that the club is planning will be the Thankfulness Challenge. The Thankfulness Challenge is when people share one thing they’re thankful for. They will also be doing something for Halloween. 


“We’re doing a trunk or treat. We’re planning on having a truck and kids can come up and get candy,” Piotrowski said. “It’s on October 30 at the district stadium,” Cooper said. “We’ll be handing out candy to the kids just to remind people that we’re here.”