The crafty community comes alive

Macee Trottner, Ranger Review Reporter

Lewis-Palmer High School lent it’s space to the Creative Crafters Fall Showcase on Saturday October 24. It took place in the Lewis-Palmer commons and gym.

Hundreds of people showed up to browse the various companies that had set up booths to advertise their businesses and their products. The people walked through the aisles, which were set up accordingly for the organization advertising, and were able to purchase the company’s products.

“I enjoyed sampling and buying the food that was set out for the customers,” Annie Erikson, a local from the community said. “One of my favorite things to buy at the fair was all the seasonal items and I enjoyed browsing through the stores that had pottery and artwork set out.”

The Creative Crafters also set up a bigger fair that takes place at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. Thousands of people attend the bigger fair, but many local community people came to the Monument fair.

“I had not been to the Monument craft fair, but i have attended the bigger one at the Convention Center. It was definitely smaller than the one in denver, but the variety of companies was equally as impressive as the bigger fair,” Erikson said.

The fair has many companies with a large variety of items to look at. This consists of pottery, artwork, jewelry, food, seasonal items and handmade items. These products are showcased in the booths and are set up with samples for all to look at and enjoy.

“The fair was definitely really fun and interesting,” Erikson said. “I really liked walking around to browse, and I enjoyed spending the day with my friend, walking through the booths and buying things.”

The showcase takes place every year at Lewis-Palmer High School. They also have shows at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado.