YouTube Money


Noah Boyd

The earning from YouTube.

Noah Boyd, Ranger Review Reporter

As the market expands, new job opportunities are opening up to the public. One of the most popular ways of making money has only recently made its debut. YouTube, an online video streaming service, has provided a great opportunity for people to profit off of making videos and posting them on the Internet.

Until 2012, YouTube only allowed their partners to make money off of ad revenue. The requirements for becoming a YouTube partner were extensive; YouTube channel owners who wanted to become a partner had to have at least one thousand subscribers, and they had to frequently upload videos. Now YouTube has opened up the partner program to everyone, allowing people to make a living off of their internet videos.

Starting a career on YouTube is a process that is accessible and understandable to many people; it is one of the easier careers to pursue. If a youtube user was uploading videos to their channel frequently, it will almost certainly gain them subscribers and views. This also revealed that within the timespan of a year someone could be making enough money off youtube to live off of. All this info according to analytics Google has gathered on youtube users.

YouTube channel owners are not paid based on the amount of subscribers they accumulate, or the video itself; rather, they profit off of the views and clicks the advertisements displayed next to or on the video. This means every time someone views an ad before a video or clicks on an ad displayed, the content creator gets a certain amount of revenue. The amount of money made for every view or click fluctuates; about three to five dollars is made for every 1,000 views.

Given the right circumstances, a channel with around 20,000 views per video can earn $400 a month. Ryan Ostroski, 9, is a student at Palmer Ridge High School. Ostroski gave his insight on making money off of YouTube.

“I started a YouTube channel a while back, and I uploaded stupid, short, irrelevant videos. I only had about three videos uploaded; they didn’t get a lot of views. Since I made an adsense (the way youtube pays its content creators) account, I made a dollar and sixty cents,” Ostroski said. “So if I put more work into the channel and got more views, I could be making a steady income within a year or so. Which is pretty cool I guess.”

Making money off of creative content is no longer an impossibility; anyone can do it if the dedication is there. This opens up countless jobs to people who may not be able to find work elsewhere. Along with YouTube, many online businesses are acquiring greater popularity due to their profitable nature.