Freddy’s, coming soon

Freddys new location on Interquest Parkway.

Melanie Peterson

Freddy’s new location on Interquest Parkway.

Lauren Kim, Ranger Review Reporter

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers is opening a new franchise located on Interquest Parkway. They have hired 85-90 new employees for this location.

“The bad news is that, usually a lot of people that start their jobs in restaurants decide it’s not really for them or whatever the case may be, it can be quite stressful especially opening a new restaurant,” Kenneth Burnett, General Manager at Freddy’s located in Monument, Colorado, said.

To alleviate pressure for the new employees, there will be 20-25 new trainees training at the Freddy’s in Monument, 25 at stetson hills and 10 more at Garden of the Gods. So they can see what is going on.

“We are just working with them on learning their positional training and what not, so they aren’t entirely new, they can see what’s going on and get used to flipping burgers, serving guests, and of course when they open that store it’s gonna be a madhouse. So, they could use all of the training that they could get,” Burnett said.

All Freddy’s restaurants are lending the new Freddy’s franchise their supervisors for a week or two to help the new workers understand how things are supposed to flow correctly in the business.

“This new and busy schedule is affecting the consumers at Freddy’s. Mistakes are made because of all the new trainees so most customers will bring it to the manager’s attention. We have been notified by many guests of the mistakes that have been made with their orders,” Burnett said. “Thankfully, the guests have been very patient and understanding about the fact that we have many new people working behind the counter.”

On Easter Sunday, there were more employees behind the counter then there were guests in the entire restaurant.

“The new store opening has changed the game up a bit because they have so many employees that need to be trained in such a short amount of time, we will have 2-3 people working for 1 position just to learn how to grill or make fries. And that puts a lot of stress on our trainers because they are trying to give them the attention that they need but they have to divide their attention between 2-3 people while still doing their own jobs” Burnett said.

The restaurant located on Interquest Parkway has their own payroll, so before opening up they are giving their employees around two weeks worth of training. The Monument location won’t be affected with extra paychecks or labor budgets.

The interquest employees will be called back April 7th to finish putting up shelving, finalizing food truck orders and finishing detail cleaning. “Friends and Family night” will be held on April 11th, which will be open to the new employee’s friends and family’s, so workers can have a ‘test-run’ on their new store. This will give them an opportunity to make sure their equipment works right and their set up is done correctly. The new franchise will be officially open on April 12th 2016.

“I think it will work pretty well verses some of the other store openings our franchises have done in the past, they are trying to do things differently, first off they are trying to train at least half of the staff 1-2 weeks of training before they open, and they’ve had other store openings where their managers are the only ones that know what they’re doing,” Burnett said. “it’s real rough with that so they’ve decided to spend the extra money and invest in the restaurant by training a good amount of people before they open and lending supervisors.”