Where’s our Winter Wonderland?


White, fluffy snow from years past; now awaiting the winter wonderland of 2016.

Jaidyn Haneline, Ranger Review Reporter

Colorado has had its fair share of record breaking snowfalls during the last 100 years, but this year is different because Monument has not had it’s snowfall yet. When people come to Colorado during the winter months it normally has snow before November, but it is not that case so far this year.

Last year Lewis-Palmer High School declared several snow days just before November had even started. The Denver Post states that snowboarders should be worried because even though in the mountains, snow is still falling with the sun shining down it does not take long to melt it completely. All the ski resorts are needing snow soon or else it will be a short season.

Many fires have happened because of how dry Colorado has been and how little of rain and snow Monument has gotten. Recently, Colorado has gotten out of the drought from the past several years but is now having this long time frame of having dry weather, Colorado may be right back into having one.  

“Due to recent lack of rainfall I think we might have to put water bands up like california did when they were super dry,” Elena Statham 9 said.

Many of the fall sports have ended but normally during this time of the year it is freezing or below. Having this unusual dry weather was a change to friends and family who attend the outdoor fall sports.

“It was kind of nice for it to be a little warmer during fall sports, that way nobody had to be freezing during all of the games,” Carlie Schafer 11 said.

Shafer and Statham thought the first snowfall would be sooner than November 17th.n  The students were correct when it was shared that there would be the first snow day around November 17, due to the first snowfall of winter 2016 exactly on November 17th.

“The thing I miss most about not having snow like we normally do is that, I want to be able to wear frumpy sweaters, go skiing and drink hot chocolate but it isn’t cold enough outside yet,” Statham said.

News Channel 13 said that it has been proven that Colorado economy relies heavily on a successful winter season. According to The Denver Post many mountain towns survive with having a strong snowfall and without one it can make the next year difficult to succeed.