The YMCA provides a student friendly get together


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The YMCA Tri-Lakes provide a student friendly get together.

Faith Tabone, Ranger Review Reporter

Since the day that young life joined the Tri-Lakes YMCA, the Y community has been trying to work with the District 12 schools in order to create a place for students to go on Friday nights. The YMCA corporation has created a night where students can be with friends and everyone can socialize in a fun environment.

Every friday night the YMCA hosts a night where students can play sports, eat free food and make friends.

Upstairs is a lounge where students can listen to music and relax. You can also play sports in the gym and outside. The sports include basketball, volleyball and soccer along with many party games.

People who go to these nights enjoy it and return the following week. Cierra Blowe 9 has gone to every night since the end of July.

Some of the events hosted at Y-Night have been a pumpkin carving night, a paint night and various eating competitions.

“I have loved every time I have gone, including when I went to the pumpkin carving nights,” said Blowe.

Students usually go to the YMCA after the games to be with friends in an environment where the students can be with friends and still be safe. Parents also like the YMCA alternative as a safe, fun place.

Everybody is welcome anyone who goes to a school near the community can attend.

“I love how I can see many of my friends that go to different schools who I would not generally see,” Blowe said.

Overall, the friday nights at the YMCA is an all around enjoyable place for those in high school to gather around and have safe and fun times.