Building future dancers


The girls who attended the kids clinic, perform at a boys basketball game.

Kathryn Juhasz, Ranger Review Reporter

The Lewis-Palmer Poms Dance team hosted a kids clinic from Thursday, January 18th to Saturday, January 20th. This was the first kids clinic the Poms team has held in many years, and the idea was first recommended by some of the seniors on the Poms team.

While at the clinic, the kids learned a dance routine along with some simple dance technique. The kids performed the routine they learned at the clinic at a Saturday afternoon boys varsity basketball game.

The Poms team planned the times and specifics of the clinic. Four members of the team choreographed the routine for the kids to learn and perform at the basketball game.

Jennifer Bockius 10 felt this was a good experience for the members of the poms team. “ I think it was really good for us as a team, and it really brought us together in a way we have not experienced yet.”

Thirty-two girls in pre-k through seventh grade participated in the clinic. The girls were at the clinic for two hours each day, and performed at a basketball game Saturday afternoon.

When the girls first got to the clinic on Thursday afternoon, they were split into groups by age. One of the groups was made up of the girls in pre-k through second grade, and the other group was made up of the girls above second grade.

The girls in pre-k through second grade were each assigned a member of the poms team to be their “Big Sister”, who would help them throughout camp. Each “Big Sister” had one or two kids assigned to them. Each member of the poms team, was responsible for keeping track of their kid(s) at all times, getting them anything they needed while they were at the camp. The “Big Sisters” also made sure the kids found who was picking them up from the clinic before they were dismissed at the end of the day.

Bockius said that the kids clinic was a good experience for the younger kids involved. “ I think it went really well and all the little girls had a lot of fun”.

Each day of the clinic was split up between dancing, doing a craft, and eating a snack. When the girls were first coming in, they played a big group game while they waited for all of the girls attending the clinic to show up. Once all the girls were accounted for, they split up into their two groups to work on the dance along with some basic dance technique. The two groups then alternated to eat a snack and do a craft. After the groups finished with their snack and craft, they continued to work on the dance until the end of the day.  

On Saturday afternoon, once practice was finished, the girls who attended the clinic sat with the poms team for the first quarter of the boys basketball game. During the second quarter, the girls went into the small gym to practice one more time before the big performance. Once the second quarter had finished, the girls took the floor to perform the dance they had been working on throughout the clinic.

Bella, a second grader at St. Peter Catholic School, said that she really enjoyed coming to the clinic every day. “It was so fun and I wish I could come back everyday” she said.

Miley, another second grader at St. Peter Catholic School, talked about how fun it was being around the poms team members. “The big sisters made everything even more fun.”

Overall many of the girls that attended the clinic, along with members of the Poms team, agreed the clinic was enjoyable and were looking forward to participating in another one.