Lewis-Palmer will put on The Drowsy Chaperone despite COVID


Two students talking about the production

Brody Dickson, Ranger Review Reporter

Despite Covid-19, the school musical will still be going on and it is called The Drowsy Chaperone.It will be available to see April 15-16 at 7:00pm and April 17 at 2pm and 7pm admissions is 10 dollars for students and 12 dollars for adults. The musical is set in a 1960s apartment and is told from the third person. The musical is about a wealthy, well-known woman and a poor, obscure man getting married, and a chaperone whose job is to make sure they dont see each other.

The cast has changed the way they perform because of Covid-19. Despite Covid-19 and the budget the set crew has still been able to create things to bring this musical to life.

“During Rehearsal we have the stage marked off with blue tape and those are the only seats you are allowed to sit in. Cohort A is allowed to sit on one side of the auditorium and cohort B on the other side with the middle completely empty, we try to practice social distancing as much as we can on stage,” Brecken Lusk 12 said.

They had to put in various precautions to protect the cast and audience from covid-19, They also had to change the order in which they do plays and musicals, and that they didn’t know whether a musical would even happen this year, Because it would involve mixing Cohorts.

“Initially we didn’t even know if we were going to get the show because we were supposed to do plays in the spring and musicals in the fall, but this year we had to flip that around. We had to do that because you can’t do a musical with half a cast so we were just hoping we would be able to mix cohorts and be together,” Lusk said.

Thankfully they did get to perform the show and it is a very interesting musical with a unique story, and a lot of very unique ideas. These ideas will help make this show funny and entertaining.  

“It’s a comedy, and it’s a satire on the 20s play, so I think the comedy is still quite relevant in it. Also, I think It’s one of the first shows that have been shown in many months since quarantine,” Lusk said.

Part of watching a musical is also escaping life and seeing something entertaining and to transport you somewhere else. People use musicals to escape from all of your problems and watch something that transports you.

“I feel like when I watch a play, I feel like I’m transported to another place and like all my worries and all all my stress from the day and the week and the months and everything prior just get washed away and I get transported to a different place,” Alycia Fernandez 12  said.

Set Crew worked very hard to help the show come to life and they think it will be an interesting Musical to enjoy watching. The set crew is very excited about the results of the set they have created to make this musical entertaining.

“There’s gonna be an airplane. We’re building a little airplane for Trix the Aviatrix. That’s what they call her in the musical and opening number. We’re gonna have a propeller going, and it’s going to be really fun,” Lyndon Elmer 9 said.

The set crew and cast are clearly dedicated to making a good musical, and helping this show come to life.

“I never thought I’d be able to say, ‘hey, I made an airplane, half of one, but not a full one’,” Fernandez 12 said.