Lewis-Palmer High School Wind Symphony band to play for state for music festival


Hannah Spivey

The Wind Symphony sits in the band room for practice with Kevin Whitelaw

Ethan Berry, Ranger Review Reporter

On Monday, April 13th, the Lewis-Palmer High School Wind Symphony will be playing for the state music festival. The Wind Symphony is the school band that is made up of the more experienced student musicians who are mostly Juniors and Seniors with some exceptions. Those who wish to join have to audition for a spot.

At the festival, the band will be playing “Green Bushes,” “Loch Lowmund,” and “The Thunderer.”One thing that is important to know is that the festival is not a competition.

“We’re not really competing against anyone. The competition was getting there.” Kevin Whitelaw, the Lewis-Palmer High School band teacher said.

The Band members themselves are also looking forwards to the festival. Grant Demuth is looking forwards to playing the bass clarinet, or “big clarinet.” On the other hand, the fans of the Wind Symphony are looking forwards to the event as well.

The Wind Symphony’s success has been very clear, especially after the feat of making it to the state music festival. With the Wind Symphony doing so well this year, fans of the band are left with high expectations for next year.