New Qdoba in Monument


Here are Qdoba's tacos and nachos, both of which are very appetizing.

Rebecca Crook, Ranger Review Reporter

As of December 2016, Monument gained a new restaurant at Leather Chaps and Jackson Creek Parkway. Qdoba Mexican Eats is a fast food chain, similar to the better known Chipotle Mexican Grill.

The interior is much nicer than the majority of other fast food restaurants by far. The design is updated, with both wooden and vibrant accents. A few of the tables even have charger ports connected to them so that our technology addicted community can still feel right at home. It is always clean and leftover tables are cleaned up almost immediately.  

Qdoba’s customer service is excellent as well. All line servers are kind and treat their customers with respect. The cashiers offer free drinks to those who show their Military I.D. at the counter, which is very convenient since many families in Monument are in the Air Force. The wait time is also decently quick. Even on opening night, Qdoba had the appropriate amount of workers trying to get everyone through the line as quick as possible.

As far as the food quality, it’s very good, as well as unique. Unlike many other fast food restaurants, Qdoba has many options for drinks, including mango limeade and watermelon berry flavored drinks. For someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy pico de gallo, Qdoba’s rendition was very good. Their queso has a kick to it and is excellent when paired with their other mix-ins.

As everyone knows, Qdoba serves guacamole free of cost. Guacamole costs $1.95 at Chipotle, so Qdoba’s free guacamole is a big deciding factor for me. Not to mention that many other mexican themed restaurants don’t even provide queso, so there’s another pro to Qdoba’s food. As a regular customer, I would rate this Qdoba a 9/10. Overall, this restaurant is well run, especially for just opening recently.