Jon Bellion Review

Jon Bellions most recent album.

Jon Bellion’s most recent album.

Macee Trottner, Ranger Review Reporter

Jon Bellion, a 25 year old pop artist, is a known artist for his unique songs. Bellion incorporates R&B, hip-hop, and indie influences into his music to make melodies that no other artist has done before.

His latest album, The Human Condition, was released on June 10, 2016. This album was long awaited because he was ready for his career to take off officially. A few of Bellion’s first albums were free in order to create an audience for himself.

Bellion’s music has a sense of flare to it and the songs contain unique beats imbedded in them. His voice is one not to be mixed up with other artists and many are able to catch on to the lyrics quickly. Listeners can easily pick up on a story or background for the songs and would be able to relate them to their own lives.

His older album, The Definition, shows more personality from Bellion. The music on the two albums differ from one another greatly and have different styles of music. Those looking for something other than the music on The Human Condition will most likely find something they enjoy The Definition album.

Music lovers looking for contemporary pop music with combinations of other styles will enjoy the storytelling of Bellion’s music. Because of Bellion’s unique display of music and relatable songs, his albums are well on their way to big success.