Grey’s Anatomy Review

Grey's Anatomy cover photo for the show.

Grey's Anatomy cover photo for the show.

Hannah Vanduren, Ranger Review Reporter

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Grey’s Anatomy, written and directed by Tony Phelan is a medical drama series that focuses on a group of doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital in Seattle, including some who began the show starting out as interns in the program.

The famous show follows the life of Meredith Grey and the unpredictable encounters that her and her colleagues face. Grey is the daughter of an amazingly famous surgeon. Meredith struggles to maintain relationships with some of her colleagues, particularly the hospitals’ one-time chief, Richard Weber, due to a pre-existing relationship with him and Meredith’s mother when she was younger.

The show premiered in 2005 and ever since its release, it has produced great numbers, each year beating the last in views and has a growing fan base. On average, Grey’s Anatomy brings in about 6 new members each season that they come out with.

The television series was and still is a big hit. It won a Golden Globe award in 2007 for best television series as a drama and in 2006, won for best best performance by an actress in a supporting role in the series.

In the television realm, it’s rare for two female characters to form a bond out of being “dark and twisty,” but that’s precisely what Cristina, Meredith’s best friend, and Meredith have done in Grey’s Anatomy. In the beginning, they broke the mold because they didn’t spend their days shopping and talking about their crushes. Instead, they spent their days working and talking about their mistakes.

Meredith and Cristina were competitive with each other on a professional level of being doctors, and they pushed each other to be great at what they love doing. They were not overly sensitive, but instead, were smart and strong, and have a very rare friendship.

Grey’s Anatomy is a great show because it entertains as well as informs people about a life in a hospital. It also shows how much time is spent there and how stressful the job can be. The drama in the show is what keeps people hooked and wanting more.