2019 Ram 1500 stomps competition


Ram 1500 shines in the sunlight. This picture was photographed by Montreal Dodge Boulevard dealership, QC, Canada

Carter Caines, Ranger Review Reporter

The new Dodge Ram 1500 Limited Edition is a overall great truck with several eco-friendly features. The E-Torque is a smaller electric motor to help with things such as climbing Steep hills and towing heavy items. The truck has an E-Torque Feature that kicks in when the truck is in need of a large amount of torque.

The E-Torque provides 90 pounds of torque per foot of power depending on which model engine is purchase. The V6 Engine provides 90 pounds of torque per foot and the V8 engine provides 130 pounds of torque per foot. Ram is one the first car manufacturers to release a Hybrid Truck although several other companies like Ford and Tesla are in the process of making electric and hybrid trucks.

According to the Ram website this truck has a base price of $42,295 and has 7 different models ranging in price. The most expensive model, The Limited, is around $53,195. The truck’s interior is a pretty standard interior for a full size cab. The interior includes cloth seats, an 8 inch touchscreen display with GPS, and a sunroof.

Like most companies that produce a hybrid or electric vehicle, Ram is looking to have a more positive outlook on the way trucks impact the environment. Pickup trucks in the U.S. contribute to 12.7% of the emissions produced from all forms of transportation across the U.S. An electric powered car on average emits roughly 4,500 pounds of Carbon Dioxide a year.  While a gas powered car can produce twice or even three times as much as an electric car. This means that the Ram will still emit carbon dioxide but it will be far less than the average truck.

The Ram 1500 Limited gets around 27 miles per gallon. Although that doesn’t seem very good for an average car, that is pretty good for a full sized truck that has been a diesel truck in older versions.  According to fueleconomy.gov an average truck would usually get 14-17 miles per gallon.

The Ram truck only has a smaller electric engine in it which makes it a low class hybrid vehicle. A low class hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that emits lower levels of carbon dioxide. This is not a full electric vehicle or a low emission vehicle but it is a big step in the right direction. This is the first truck of its kind and will open up a whole new range of possibilities in the electric and hybrid vehicle industry.