Black Ops 4 making big changes

Dillon Crump, Ranger Review Reporter

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Black Ops 4 was released by Activision on October 12. It features high-quality graphics and new and intense game modes.

Despite the new game modes, Black Ops 4 does not have a “campaign mode,” which is another term for single player. Even without the “campaign mode,” this new game offers features that are ground-breaking in the gaming community.

The game is significantly different from past Black Ops games. Usually in the campaign, the player gets to witness certain background story-lines that are crucial to the plot of the game. But with “Specialist” stories, which are a new game mode in Black Ops 4, the player gets to see a more specific background story-line and how the character that they picked relates to the plot itself.

Another new aspect in Black Ops 4 is a game mode called “Blackout.” This game mode is a battle royale type mode, which was included in this game in order to compete with Fortnite. Despite their similar game modes, Fortnite and Black Ops 4 are very different in the way that a  character travels around the map and the character’s ability to build.

There are also concepts that are not new to the game, such as the multiplayer option. The multiplayer has changed in various ways since the Call of Duty Black Ops 3. For instance, a player is no longer able to use the jetpack function which was a defining aspect of Black Ops 3. Many fans wanted something more realistic for the multiplayer game mode, and that’s exactly what they got.

The final game mode is the “zombies” game mode, which may be a good competitor to Black Ops 2. For instance, it still features the exhilarating aspect of fighting zombies along with better graphics and newer maps.

One of my personal favorite things that Activision incorporated into the new Black Ops game is the maps. They did add new ones, but the majority of them are all old reused maps that were fan favorites in the game that they appeared on.

I would personally give this game an 8/10, because of all of the changes they did to this game to make it even better than the last. Even though the past Black Ops games have been fan favorites, this one might beat the others out. All of these components put together make Black Ops 4 one of the best war-based games ever.

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