Crave Real Burgers changes the gourmet burger world


One of the restaurant’s more popular items, the Luther Burger, consists of doughnuts for buns and and a fried egg. Crave Real Burgers, created by Jeff and Jeryn Richard, opened for business in 2010. Picture Credits: Creative Commons

Clayton Saunders, Ranger Review Reporter

Crave Real Burgers opened for business in 2010, when the children of high school sweethearts, Jeff and Jeryn Richard, thought of bringing outrageous and delicious burgers to the community of Castle Rock. The family started with the original store, located by the AMC movie theater in Castle Rock, but expanded to own three. This Colorado-native restaurant offers a wide range of both gourmet and unique burgers.

The Colorado Springs location, located near the Chapel Hills Mall, is a hot spot for foodies and casual diners in our community. This store stands out from the other franchise food options in the Chapel Hills area.

The menu is full of classic burger options along with their conceptual burger choices. They also serve beer, milkshakes, sandwiches, and salads. Burgers are cooked to order with never frozen Colorado ground beef.

One of the most outrageous burgers, exclusively sold at Crave, is the Luther. The Luther defies all perception of a typical burger with its glazed donut buns. Not only does the Luther have a strange bun, but also it has a fried egg inside along with bacon cheddar and onion. The burger is messy, strange, and delicious.

My personal favorite burger would have to be the Popper. Jalapenos, chipotle mayo, and tempura-fried cream cheese really make this burger taste like a Jalapeno popper. There is also guacamole spread out onto the bun, which evens out the spicy pepper.

The milkshake options at Crave are a delicious compliment to their wild burgers. In my personal preference, the vanilla milkshake is one of their best choices. The vanilla milkshake pairs very well with many of their burger options.

Crave burgers is the perfect burger options for typical dinners and more adventurous diners alike. The restaurant is modern, hip, but still a perfect family restaurant for all ages. In my personal opinion, it is the best burger joint in the state of Colorado.