CSU is the choice for you


Cam the Ram, the CSU mascot is taking pictures with future CSU students. The list of “things to do before graduating from CSU” has taking a picture with Cam as number one. Photo Credits: Creative Commons.

Clay Saunders, Ranger Review Reporter

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, was the first university founded in the state of Colorado. Founded in 1870, CSU has been a go to college for colorado natives, but also has shown popularity with other states as well.

Located in Fort Collin, CSU is the perfect location for a university. Fort Collins is home to almost every major franchise restaurant available in Colorado. The major franchise restaurants do not take away from the classic little downtown area. Old town Fort Collins has been preserved with a town square that still reflects the history of this town.

The campus for CSU is quite large in comparison to other universities in Colorado such as: CU, UCCS, UNC, CSU pueblo, Western State, etc. “The oval” is home to the campuses older buildings, and is also a beautiful location for concerts. Coming to the newer areas of campus it is very easy to see the amount of renovation and technology put into the new buildings.

A new addition to the campus is the canvas stadium which was only finished two years ago. This stadium can hold up to 41,000 people for a variety of sports such as: football, lacrosse, and soccer.

The housing options are quite extensive at CSU. Out of the 12 dorm options, the newest is Laurel Village. Laurel Village is a natural science major exclusive dorm located just north of the CSU recreation center.

Laurel Village is a difficult dorm to get in to. Not only do applicants have to write multiple essays to get into CSU, but also students applying to Laurel Village are required to write up to three more essays. These dorms are completely worth the extra effort due to the dorms extra features such as, Quad-style dorms, common area with large dry erase boards, and better security.  

Colorado State University is an excellent option for students going into college. The university is large, so it is better suited for the more social students. This school’s beautiful campus and excellent sports teams make it a great choice for college. The majority of students succeed after earning a degree from CSU which leads to financial security in the future. CSU you graduates are always proud to be a ram.