Neil Young releases new album


Neil Theasby

Neil plays at a concert while wearing a pro-environment shirt.

Joseph Brandon, Ranger Review Reporter

Neil Young and Crazy Horse have taken the charts once again with the release of “Colorado”; Young and Crazy Horses’ first album together since 2012. There is also a corresponding documentary that released days before “Colorado” titled “Mountaintop”. The documentary showed the struggles and accomplishments the group faced while making the album.

“Colorado” is a double LP. It contains ten songs, the longest of which is 13 minutes long. The double LP will also be released with a special 7” containing two songs. The lead track titled “Rainbow of Colors,” released on streaming websites mid September.

“Billy, Ralphie, Nils, and I are all very happy to bring this song ‘Rainbow of Colors’ to you in all its ragged glory,” Young wrote on his website, neilyoungarchives. “As my original producer and lifelong friend, David Briggs said, ‘We hope you love this new album as much as we do.’”

“Mountaintop” is 86 minutes long and was screened on October 22nd. This documentary was directed by Young under his alias Bernard Shakey. The documentary was free formed and showed unedited sessions of each song Young and Crazy Horse recorded. 

“It is a wild one folks, no holds barred. You will see the whole process just as it went down. Worts and all!” Young wrote. “I don’t think a film about this subject with the openness and intensity we have captured has ever been seen.”

With a great mix of loud guitars and calm love songs, “Colorado,” is a great album for anyone. It expresses the problems we face as a society but also creates stories of love and care. A beautiful balance that only Young can create. 

The lead track “Rainbow of Colors,” three minuets and 36 seconds long, is an electric yet calm guitar filled political song. It tells how the multiple communities that feel attacked by the government aren’t leaving.

The second track released by Neil was “Milky Way.” It is another electric lead and solo filled yet calm guitar song, but it is about fantasizing about a beautiful person that sends Neil adrift into the milky way. He comes back not knowing if it was real or not. As you listen you can relate to that feeling of just drifting through memories.

The longest track, 13 minutes and 37 seconds, is “She Showed Me Love.” The song is a heavy, distorted electric song; it is about how the older generations killed the earth and how the new generations are saving it. She in the title and song being Mother Nature. This song demonstrates a great issue we face with a sound that show how hectic the problem is becoming. 

The other seven songs are just as great. “Colorado” is out now in stores and on streaming websites. I would highly recommend anyone reading this to pick up a copy or listen to it online. Because of the balance between beautiful lyrics and rough electric guitars I would give this album a 10/10. Because of the comedy and how it showed really how Young and Crazy Horse make music I would give the documentary a 9/10