Dutch Bros is overrated despite the hype


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Pictured is the classic breve which is a lot like a cappuccino from Starbucks.

Quinn Ferguson, Ranger Review Reporter

Dutch Bros. Coffee is a chain coffee and drink shop first established in Grants Pass, Oregon on February 12, 1992. The mainly drive-through shop has everything from mochas to energy drinks. The selection is endless, with close to 650 drink flavors and combinations. 

Students at Lewis-Palmer rave about Dutch Bros., even though the closest shop is 17 minutes away. “Dutch is my favorite drink shop without a doubt. I always get Peach Cobbler Freeze, it is my number one drink,” Rylee Cudney 9 said. 

With all this attention, I had to try the coffee and drink drive-through for myself. I was excited to get a Blended Peach Ring Rebel and a Picture Perfect Freeze. The service inside the store was fast, considering the long drive-through line outside.

However, I soon learned that the drinks were extremely sugary. The Picture Perfect had 51 grams of sugar in a small drink, nearly half the daily amount. As sugary as I expected it to be, it did not taste any different from a Starbucks’ frappuccino making the extra calories not seem worth it. The Blended Peach Ring Rebel was very satisfying for an energy drink. I do not believe that I would go to the store everyday, however, to buy either of these two drinks.

Despite my few criticisms of the drinks I tried, I loved the easy-going charm of the small location. The coffee shop’s fan base is also very devout because of their monthly stickers and punch cards to get a free drink.

Comprehensively, I enjoyed the character and staff at Dutch Bros. Coffee shop. On the other hand, the drinks were excessively sugary and not very unique. I would give the shop a 6 out of 10. I will return when it is convenient, but I will not return every week.