Gamers Club: The #1 Place for all LPHS gamers

Shane Bassett, Ranger Review Reporter

Gamers club is the place for any video game enthusiast. It is a club that gives the ability for all gamers to assemble. It allows gamers of LPHS to play video games, watch video games, discuss video games, and compete in tournaments.

Gamers Club is a club that is held every orange Wednesday from 3:00 to 4:30 pm. It is sponsored by the French teacher, Mr. Smith and is held in the Ranger Zone.

“It’s great because we have TVs in there, we use the TVs cause we kinda need TVs to play video games, so it works out really well.” said Vice President of gamers club, Josh Lewis.

In gamers club, people can do anything that entitles to video games. Gamers Club creates the perfect atmosphere for all gamers.

“We usually play a lot of video games, hang out, talk, eat some chips and drink some Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper. Just generally have a good time” said Vice President Lewis.

Of course Gamers Club doe have a few consoles that are borrowed from the school, but anyone that goes to Gamers Club is welcome to bring in their own console and games to play on and share with others (Mr Smith will allow students to store consoles in his room and will lock the door).

Of course if someone doesn’t like the games/consoles that are in Gamers Club or aren’t familiar with the people in Gamers Club, Josh Lewis hosts Hangman on the whiteboard. In order to make Gamers Club interesting, they hold special game events.

To be specific, they host video game tournaments. Gamers Club advertises monthly tournaments for different games.

“We just had a Mario Kart tournament, we’ll probably be doing some Smash (Super Smash Brother’s for WiiU)and some other games, so we’re trying to do a whole lot of tournaments this year” says Lewis.

With all things considered, Gamers Club is the best place for any video game enthusiast. Gamers Club kindly welcomes anyone to play games or be within a gaming environment. There is nothing better than a club with video games and food, so it is highly recommended to give it a shot.