Starbucks Holiday Cups


2016 Starbucks Holiday Cups

Faith Tabone, Ranger Review Reporter

Last year, Starbucks created plain red holiday cups instead of the holiday designs that the Starbucks business have done in the past. Many people have written letters to starbucks in the previous years about the cups were showing a christmas design, when not everyone celebrates christmas. Ever since then, people have been waiting to see if they would have a new design this year.

As a teaser, Starbucks released a green cup with people who resembled unity between the customer and Starbucks, rather than giving it the christmas designs. Starbucks later officially came out with this year’s holiday cups. Which are red with thirteen designs from six different countries showing unity and togetherness.

The designs came from drawings submitted by regular customers. Starbucks held a contest where customers could create a design for a chance to be chosen as one of the thirteen cups for this years holiday cup. The idea for the contest came from the artwork that many have made with Starbucks cups for fun.

Designs on the cup are of birds and flowers, holiday lights, a birch forest, candy canes, ornaments, woodland deer, love and joy, poinsettias, graphic swirls, a snowflake sweater, an evergreen forest, a sleigh ride and a wooden wreath. However, out of the many ideas of designs, only 11 are going to be distributed across the Starbucks around the United States.

“I love this year’s cups, they are very festive and really get me in the holiday spirit” Ayden Phillips 9 said.

Starbucks supports many organizations. They started donating to literacy in 1997 and has given to the communities where they harvest coffee and tea. Starbucks has given to the art community.

“I like how they are made by artists this year and how there are multiple designs for every community to enjoy throughout the world,” Phillips said.

According to the CEO of Starbucks, the special red cup celebrates the spirit of the season rather than focusing on Christmas itself so no one will be left out depending on whether or not they celebrate that holiday.