Palmer Ridge Field Hockey Prove Themselves to Kent Denver.


Palmer Ridge Field Hockey Team with their trophy. (Creative Commons, credit to Ryan Casey)

Kaitlyn Hutson, Ranger Review Reporter

Palmer Ridge Field Hockey is a combined team between Lewis Palmer and Palmer Ridge High School students. Girls field hockey was brought together in 2009. Freshmen, Sophomore, junior, and senior students make up the Palmer Ridge Field Hockey Team. When Palmer Ridge was brought to Monument Colorado the field hockey team became the district team. However, Lewis Palmer has always had a field hockey team.

Palmer Ridge Field Hockey won the State Championship against Kent Denver High School on October 26, 2017. Since its creation in 2009, the team has played six seasons and have gone to state four times. Being that the team has been runner-ups four times in a row pushed the team to work a lot harder and push towards the trophy for winning the State Championship of 2017.


Two hours before the game started, it began to snow. Even though it was snowing all throughout the game, Palmer Ridge did not let it slow them down. They still pushed through and never gave up. They tried to melt the snow by running, however the snow only clumped together, so all they could do was shovel the lines.


Team members Kalei Kochevar 10, and Riley Enget 9 were nervous about going into the game. Enget is the center midfielder and number 24 on the team. Enget said, “I think that we all felt pretty confident going into the game, but there was still that little bit of nervousness in our stomachs, but we were all pumped up.”  


Palmer Ridge caught everyone’s attention with scoring the first two points in the first half. Elena Statham, 10, is number 27 and the outside midfielder. Statham said “We all got really confident and felt like we had control over the game, but we had put down our guard a little bit. I think that is why we won the game because it really brought up our confidence.”  


Kent Denver had a major comeback, the team made two goals in less than three minutes, after their comeback the game was 2-2. “We were scared and we started to panic. None of us thought that they would make a comeback so fast, it was a goal and then and immediate goal after that.” said Kochevar, who is the midfielder, number 11, and forward on the team.


Due to the tie in the end of the game, the game went into double overtime. Going into double overtime made the entire team’s stomachs turn. Left defense and number 18 Paige Campbell 12, said “I was very stressed out about it. My heart was racing the entire time.”


Palmer Ridge has lost to Kent Denver before in the State Championship. Palmer Ridge’s team were so overwhelmed by winning the State Championship. Some of the players even started to cry, Statham said “It really did not sink in that we won until later that night.” Palmer Ridge Field Hockey won a State Championship after being runner-ups four times. While Kent Denver was devastated about losing to Palmer Ridge, Palmer’s team was ecstatic and jumping joy.