Is someone famous next to you?


Photographer Credit:Creative Commons

Derek Theler, a Lewis-Palmer High School alumni, walks at a Hollywood Red Carpet Event. Mollie Albanesi 10 said, “ Even if you are from a small town you can make it big.”

Marlee Mikesell, Ranger Review Reporter

Out of every 110,501 people, one person becomes famous or successful in their career field; therefore, the likeliness of someone in your high-school graduating class becoming famous is very small, right?

“There are probably not very many people that became famous at Lewis-Palmer High School, and if they did, it was probably in athletics.” Kayla Parr 9 said.

Although, the truth is that there have been more students that have made it big then what current students think. Lewis-Palmer High School has several notable alumni that have become famous in a variety of different ways. Derek Theler, Miguel Dakota, Bobby Burling, Josh Scott and Kim Lyons all attended Lewis-Palmer and are all famous in different fields.

Derek Theler is a film and television actor who attended Lewis-Palmer High School. He attended College at Colorado State University and was planning on attending medical school, but later on decided to move to Los Angeles, California under the influence of wanting to be like his mentors, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Since making his decision to move to Los Angeles, he has been featured in many movies. He is most recognized for his long-standing role on the television show, Baby Daddy, as the character Danny Wheeler. Baby Daddy became one of the most watched American Sitcoms during it’s running time, and many viewers of the show were disappointed when they discovered the show would be ending in spring 2017.  Even though Baby Daddy has been canceled, Derek continues acting in other shows.

“I did know that Lewis-Palmer has had students become successful in acting, it is so cool.” Mollie Albanesi 10 said. “Even though I do not know him personally, it shows that if you work hard, it will pay off and even if you are from a small town you can make it big.”

Most people remember “Monument’s Miguel Dakota,” as he was featured on the talent show, America’s Got Talent, sharing his talent of singing with the world. He graduated from Lewis-Palmer High school in 2010. Dakota beat out hundreds of people to make it on the show and was one of the forty-eight people that competed in Season 9 of America’s Got Talent in 2014. Dakota finished in sixth place, which is a big accomplishment considering all the people he beat to earn that rank. Since his America’s Got Talent days, Miguel Dakota has released an album called Love & Freedom and is currently on tour. He came back to his home state and did a show in Denver on October 24th.

“That  is so cool that someone became famous in singing from LP.” Jamie McPartland 10 said. “It gives me a lot of inspiration to keep with choir and to be a good singer.”

Bobby Burling, a Major League soccer player also attended Lewis-Palmer. He played soccer growing up and even played for Lewis-Palmer, helping the school win a state championship. Graduating from LP in 2002, he went to Loyola Marymount and played soccer for their team and was one of their leading defenders. Burling was able to turn his love for playing soccer into his profession. He has worked his way up starting out playing for C.D Guadalajara (the Chivas), a soccer team in Mexico, to being scouted by the Colorado Rapids in 2017. He is now one of their starting defenders.

William Bergmann, a freshman soccer player said, “It is really cool. You wouldn’t think that people are going to grow up and become famous from your school.”

Josh Scott, a basketball player, graduated from Lewis-Palmer in 2013. He went on to attend Colorado University and play basketball as a forward. After his years at Colorado University, Josh Scott was a part of the NBA draft in 2016. However, he did not get drafted. Although, he is considered the number one best undrafted player, according to 247sports. Even though he did not get drafted, the Ryukyu Golden Kings, a professional B league team in Japan, scouted Josh Scott and he joined the team; however, there is still a possibility that Josh Scott could get drafted into the NBA.

“I wasn’t the best basketball player in middle school, because my coach really sucked, but now that I am here the coach is really nice,” Serah Ryals 9 said. “She inspires me to be  better and do my best, even all the players, and finding out that someone that went here was apart of the draft will help me keep going.”

Kim Lyons, a fitness model, nutritionist and personal trainer also attended Lewis-Palmer High school. Lyons graduated from Lewis-Palmer and went to college at Colorado State University, graduating with a degree in human development. She became a nutritionist, fitness model and fitness enthusiast. Lyons has been a long-standing member of the show The Biggest Loser and competed on American Ninja Warrior, but did not make it past the Venice Qualifiers. In addition to her fitness work, she has written several health-related books and has a big social media following.

Megan Diano 10, a student who aspires to be an athletic trainer, said, “It’s inspirational, for me to know that someone became famous in a field I am interested in.”

Andy Warhol, a famous American Artist, said, “Everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.” Although, some students will be famous for longer than just 15 minutes. It could be anyone, from the star football player or the intelligent girl in your math class, so keep your yearbook signatures cause they could maybe be worth something one day.