Drive Smart fair teaches students about dangers of the road


Alex Weaver 11 attempts a driving course while wearing "under the influence" goggles.

Anna Icke, Ranger Review Reporter

In the state of Colorado, there is an annual average of around 26,000 car crashes according to the Colorado State Patrol. In reaction to this issue, Drive Smart Colorado was created.   

“We hope that we help student drivers stay informed on the dangers of driving, especially in Colorado where the weather can change so quickly,” Carissa O’Donnell 10 from Student Council said.

Drive Smart Colorado is a non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce the number of traffic crashes by educating the community. Founded in 1989, Drive Smart works with community members, businesses and organizations to spread their message throughout Colorado.

“The key to Drive Smart’s success stems from the extended partnerships in each community who have buy-in to the mission,” Drive Smart Colorado organization’s website states, “These individuals come together in their own area with active members from: local law enforcement, county government, public health, schools, insurance agencies, military installations, local businesses, hospitals, other non-profits and concerned citizens.”

Teaching on teen driving safety is one of the main services that Drive Smart offers. One way they reach the teens of Colorado is through high schools that host Drive Smart Fairs. On Friday, January 18, Lewis-Palmer hosted one of these fairs in the small gym.

The fair had various tables set up including Mario Kart and virtual reality. Students got the chance to wear vision impairment goggles while walking, driving a go-kart and even playing basketball. The goggles allowed the students to experience what different activities look like while spike drunk.

Each class within student council does a class project, and Drive Smart has become a traditionally sophomore-run event. The council attends events each year to talk about and prepare for upcoming fairs.

“Sophomores are at the age where they are just starting to drive, so I think it’s very important that we’re informed on the safety on driving on the road,” Sydney Purdham 10 said. “Every year we go to a Drive Smart banquet with a bunch of different schools that stretch as far as Aspen,” O’Donnell said.

Another message that Drive Smart Colorado spreads teaching on is drunk and/or distracted driving. This can be seen on bulletin boards around the school with posters and slogans about safe driving. “It’s not worth dying, drive smart.”