Students eager for spring break


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The beach in Fort, Myers Florida being occupied by people on there spring break. Florida is one of the most common places to go for spring break as it has beaches and hot weather. “The beach is probably the most popular place to go, it’s starting to get warm out so people wanna go and get their tan on and go in the beach water,” said Zoey Barron 10.

Marlee Mikesell, Ranger Review Reporter

With spring break coming close, students are studying as much as they possibly can for their midterms and having to contain their excitement while their teachers are doing as much testing as they possibly can between now and spring break.

“I am staying home for spring break.” Zoey Barron 10 said, “I am probably going to hang out with some friends and relax. I am looking forward to have a break, it is so exciting.”

Spring break is commonly seen as a holiday that schools across the United States have. Usually Spring break, is during March or April depending on when Easter Falls. Since Easter falls on April 21st this year, spring break is earlier as it is, March 21st to April 1st.

“I am going to Hawaii for spring break.” Lissie Artley 10 said, “I am really excited for a break. If I could travel anywhere for spring break it would be Italy, although Hawaii definitely tops my list.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, 50 percent of students travel during spring break and most of the traveling starts of March 15th and goes to the 22nd. The destinations that receive the most travelers are Miami Florida, Cancun and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

“I go to Mexico for spring break and sometimes I go to Florida. I am going to Mexico this year though and I am very excited.” Brianna-Marie Garcia 9 said, “ My parents are renewing their wedding vows in Mexico at a church that they met at and I also get to go see family.”

Midterms are tests that teacher have to test their students knowledge right before spring break, so the have an idea of what they need to work on before finals. Even though not all teachers have midterms it is not uncommon to have multiple tests right before break.

“I think I have an English mid-term, but I am not sure, no teacher has mentioned anything. I think we take midterms, because it shows what we know and what we need to work on.” Gregory Schermerhorn 10 said, “This way we can study over break, so we can get better at the things we need to work on”With midterms being brought up by teachers, stress arises amongst students. This stress usually lasts up until spring break starts.

“I think we have midterms to make us worry about our grades.” Elijah Rivera 11 said,  “It is like when you take a big test, before Christmas break, and we worry if we failed or not and I think that when we take it before break we worry about how we did. I think teachers feel like they have to do midterms.”

Spring break is still a couple weeks away and to some students that can feel like a long time. Students may find it difficult to want to keep working hard while try maintaining good grades and still spend time with friends.

“I did not do so hot freshman year and that is still kicking my butt. Although what I learned is if you make up what you lost, you can raise your GPA higher than what it is now.”  Schermerhorn said, “So keep looking to the positive and try to look towards your future and work hard.”