Seniors kick off year with sunrise celebration


Photo by Rebecca Crook

Students sit together to watch the sunrise on the Don Breese football field on August 24. “We are rising; the sun is rising,” Snouwaert 12 said.

Jakob Aggers and Kathryn Juhasz

In accordance with the long-founded tradition of gathering to watch the sunrise to begin the final year of high school, seniors at Lewis-Palmer participated in the Senior Sunrise on Friday, August 23. Most woke up at 4:00am and everyone arrived at the school 5:30am.

The event lasted an estimated hour and a half, while students sat with friends on the football field in Don Breese Stadium and watched the sunrise. Senior Sunrise had a different effect on various individuals, and its symbolism had a different meaning to many.

“Senior Sunrise means that we are finally the up and coming seniors and it symbolizes that we officially the rulers of the roost,” Jack Snouwaert said. “We are rising. The sun is rising.”

Paired with Senior Sunset at the end of the year, Senior Sunrise makes for a memorable tradition for high school seniors. Specifically, it celebrates the beginning of last year of secondary schooling.

“The sunrise is the beginning of the year, while the sunset is the end.” McKinzie Wade 12 said. “It’s the beginning of our last year together.”

The 12th grade of formal schooling, otherwise known as senior year, is often viewed to be a semi-intangible rank by younger students. To many, it is hard to believe that becoming a senior, along with graduation and moving onto the next chapter of life, is actually occurring.

“It’s hard to believe that we are the oldest ones here, and we are the top of the school,” Snouwaert said. “I kind of always believed that I wouldn’t make it here, but now I am, and it doesn’t seem real.”