Senior starts cake baking business


Maggie Masters enjoys her baking business.

Samantha Wilkins, Ranger Review Reporter

Maggie Masters 12 is a baker who owns her own business. Masters enjoys making something new and making it look beautiful and tasty. “It’s cool at times it can be really stressful, you have to make sure everyone likes what they want,” Masters said.

  “The most important thing about baking is making sure that you get stuff done the way it’s supposed to be and just making sure that the client is getting what they want; it’s just part of what it comes with,” Masters said. 

Masters enjoys making works of art that taste good. She usually bakes cupcakes and cake pops for her business. 

“I’ve done cupcakes once or twice before but we also do a lot of cake pops. We  also do a lot of the Oreo dipped cake pops,” Masters said. Masters takes a lot of time and effort in her baking and she wants to make something that looks good and tastes good.Her business is called “Sweet America,” which is a business that she runs out of her house. She has owned her business since she was 11. 

“You have to make sure that you have good time management you also have to have really good social skills because you have to talk to people, see customers, and know how to not upset them. It also teaches you really good lessons about being responsible and being independent,” Masters said  

Masters has always had a passion for baking, and has recently instilled this passion into her business.

 “I’ve always liked to bake my entire life, but I really started baking cakes for people and stuff when I was eleven, when me and my friends would hang out we would always bake. So we came up with the idea together, but I fully went through with it and made it into a business,” Masters said 

She had made many different cakes for different events, but her main events are birthdays and weddings.

“I mainly do birthdays but I’ve donated cakes for an old folks home for Christmas a couple years ago. I’ve done weddings, holiday cakes a lot of first birthdays and smash cakes. Recently in the past year or so I’ve done cake hops a lot,” Masters said. 

Masters enjoys the outcome of how baking makes people feel. And she enjoys creating something that people enjoy. 

“ I like seeing the look on peoples faces once I make a cake and how excited they get, and it’s truly just fun to see something that comes from these couple of ingredients and turns into this huge giant thing that can be anything you want,” Masters said