Snow days affect two scheduled concerts


Kimberly Bird

Choir members sing at the rescheduled concert.

Laura Bird, Ranger Review Reporter

On the 24th of October there was a band concert, but because of the weather it became a snow day, ultimately cancelling the concert. There was also a choir concert scheduled for October 29th, however that day also became a snow day and that concert was cancelled as well. 

“It was very disappointing because the band kids worked really hard,” Grace Hess 10 said. (Symphonic Band)

“We have been preparing for this one concert since the beginning of the school year. So to have it cancelled was kind of a letdown,” Griffin Greenwood 10 said. (Treble Voices)

Because of the snow days, the band concert could not have been held the next day since the auditorium could not have been reserved for that night. The band concert will not be rescheduled, however, the choir concert will take place at a later date.

“It wasn’t fair because while we understand that there are other programs that need the stage, we still put a lot of time and effort into it. One snow day shouldn’t have affected all the time and effort we put into this,” Hess said.

For many, having the band concert cancelled and the choir concert postponed was disappointing. There was a lot of preparation involved in both concerts that all of the performers were preparing for.

“The All State kids are singing their solos at the concert. I was prepared and ready to do that, and then it got cancelled.”Jess Pierce 11 said. (Treble Voices)

With all of the snow on the roads, there might have been transportation problems getting to and from the concerts. It might have been very dangerous for people to try to get back to the school with all the snow and ice on the ground.

“It probably wouldn’t have worked out that night anyway. A lot of parents wouldn’t have trusted their kids or themselves to drive.” Greenwood said, “We might not have had an audience or some people might not have been able to come to the concert altogether.”

Some of the performers believe that it be helpful. With the choir concert being delayed, it also provides them with more time to practice the songs more.

 “It gives us a little more time to prepare. And we’re since we’re doing a song with flashlights, it gives us more time to practice with that,” Pierce said.

There are mixed feelings on whether or not the concert’s cancellation was a good thing or not.There were pros and cons to the band concert’s cancellation and the delayed choir concert.

“The lazy part of me liked it because I got to stay home and chill the rest of the day. But it was kind of bad because we have been preparing for this one concert since the beginning of the school year. So to have it cancelled was kind of a letdown,” Griffin said.

“I’m pretty sad about it because we’ve worked hard on it but it is nice that some of it is probably going to be rescheduled to a later concert,” Christian Mesa 9 said.

The Lewis Palmer Treble Voices were planning on performing six songs at the concert.

“We’re doing Autumn Leaves, I know Where I’m going, Solomon Grundy, La Paloma, In the Early Morning Stillness and The Coming of the Fall,” Griffin said.

The band was planning on performing two songs. For their theme concert they play along to a silent film and a story song.

“The headless horseman and the other one is the Three Little Pigs.” Grace said.

Because the concert was cancelled, they will play one of the songs at the pops concert, and the other one will be dropped.

“Not next concert, but the concert after that. Just the Headless Horseman,”

Christian said.