Fashionable Spirit Week is in full spin


The hippies of LP groove into Spirit Week flaunting their fashionable blast-to-the-past fits.

Lily Poteet, Ranger Review Reporter

Spirit Week is an event leading up to homecoming that ignites excitement throughout the entire student body. Flashes of class colors, 70s flared jeans, and plaid pj pants fill the building as students walk in, making a fashionable entrance by dressing up in correspondence to the elected theme days picked by Student Council. 

Student Council notoriously spends a significant amount of time and effort in order to craft a homecoming week that is enjoyable, high spirited, but also accessible for everyone to participate in. Kendall Warman 10 is a member of Student Council and spoke on the topic of the election process of the themes for each day.

“Basically we just come together and we all brainstorm with the different classes that are in Student Council, and we make it into a huge list of all the different ideas we come up with, and then we vote, and we can only vote like two or three times. Then with the top five we bring them to Mrs. O’Connor, and then she either says that we can do it or we can’t do it,” Warman said. 

This year, Student Council thought of some themes that seemed to strike the students, teachers, and staff members with enthusiasm as the projected themes included PJ Day, Hippie Day, White Lies Day, Class Colors Day, and lastly Ranger Out Day. Student Council emphasized that the themes are geared to be achievable and easy for everyone in order for max participation.

“The importance of Spirit Week is just to make sure that the students really like the days that we have offered them and that they are all able to participate and that they don’t have to go to the store and buy stuff,” Warman said, “And so that’s kind of why we keep it easy and simple because the point of spirit days is kind of to just come together as a school, and just unite.”

With the days being simple yet entertaining, Warman states “the majority of people like to participate.” With the commitment of dressing up for all of the days, devoted students tend to choose a favorite to really go ‘all-out’ for. 

Katie Oliger 9 expresses her favorite and ‘all-out’ day, 70s Day. This day seems to be quite a popular pick as other students also emphasized that 70s day would be the most enjoyable. 

“It’s going to be 70s Day because I’m really excited to dress up and also I want to see what everybody else is wearing because I think there’s gonna be some really cool ideas about what people are wearing,” Oliger said. 

As Lewis-Palmer closes out Spirit Week and gets prepared to rock the night at homecoming, Student Council requests to wish everyone a happy homecoming weekend and advises everyone to get ready to have a groovy night.