Juniors surprise seniors at powder puff game


Creighton Smith

The face off between the juniors and seniors during the game.

Hanna Meywerk, Ranger Review Reporter

Lewis-Palmer High is right in the middle of homecoming season which means it is time for Spirit Week and the Powder Puff Game. This year’s game was on Tuesday the 5th of October. The Seniors wore the jerseys of the varsity team and pink. The Juniors had orange tie-dye shirts with a number and their  name. Both teams were very motivated and excited about the game. The crowd was also very spirited, made signs for the players and teams, and cheered with a lot of energy.

For those of you who don’t know what Powder Puff is, Maddison Moum, one of the participants, explained it to you.

“The junior and senior girls play flag football against each other and we switch roles with the football players, which means they become our coaches and help us prepare for the game,” Moum said.

A lot of girls, like Moum, have been wanting to do powder puff since freshman year for a lot of reasons. They have looked up to the upperclassmen that have played in the past.

“I am very competitive and I wanted to participate since freshman year because it is a fun tradition that we do every year. And I also think it’s good for the school spirit. It’s just a great time with great people,” Moum said.

As a homecoming tradition, it leads up to the homecoming game and the annual dance. Emme Thompson (grade) one of the participants explains the hype.

“It’s a different experience, gets people excited for homecoming and it’s just another activity that people enjoy and that gets school spirit going,” Thompson said.

If you are an underclassman and you are thinking about doing powder puff in the future, then Moum and Thompson have some advice for you.

“It is very fun and a great experience so definitely do it! You can meet new people and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks,” Moum and Thompson said.

The Bad Boys of Poms also helped with cheering and keeping the spirit up. After an intense game, the Juniors won 13-7.