Band uses festive fundraiser to pay for the year’s expenses


The wind symphony band practices. “Band has been going really well this year,” said Hall, who plays the alto saxophone.

Gianna Cozzolino, Ranger Review Reporter

This year, the band will continue with the decades long tradition of the Greenery Fundraiser. They will be selling wreaths and garlands until October 29th. 

However, the fundraiser will be slightly different this year.

“We normally sell two types of Christmas trees, that are eight and nine feet tall, but due to the fires in California, they are not available this year,” Annabelle Hall 12 said.

Members of the band are passionate about the fundraiser. They take initiative and are very active in fundraising.

“The fundraiser is entirely student done. We reach out to the customers, arrange if they can pick the wreaths and the payment for the wreaths. We arrange it through Mr. Chapman so that the organization has an adult to talk to,” Hall said.

The fundraiser will help cover a wide range of expenses for the band program. 

“If you know anything about musical instruments, they are expensive. Part of the reason we’ve kept the fundraiser going is because we do make a significant amount of money from it which is then used to pay for all of the various instruments like a new bass clarinet and a new tuba,” Hall said.

As well, some of the funds will go towards a trip to a music festival in Dallas, Texas in April.

“Part of this fundraiser to pay for wind symphony and a couple members from the symphonic band to go to Dallas this year. It will be a musical and educational experience for us. There’s a huge music festival. It’s just a chance for us to play for world renowned musicians who will critique us and help us get better,” Hall said.

The fundraiser will go to more than just instruments and trips. The band and the audience will benefit greatly from the fundraiser.

“You can keep playing the same musical pieces over and over again but eventually the band students and the audience gets tired, so we try to have a variety of music. One of our pieces is a Japanese piece that we can only rent this year. It’s one of the most gorgeous pieces ever,” Hall said. 

The money will make concerts a more interesting and fun experience for everyone. Concerts will have a very professional feel. 

“We had our first concert in September and we have to have another concert coming up and it’s going to be with two guest artists who graduated from LP various years ago. One is a bassoon player and one is a trombone player. So, part of what we’re doing with this fundraiser will be paying for their time because they are professional musicians who have high profile jobs,” Hall said.

Talk to Mr. Chapman, the band director, or a student in the band by October 29th to support the band.

“The Greenery fundraiser,” Hall said, “helps students in band get a really wide variety of education and musical experience.”