Gym Opened to Homecoming After Tickets Sell Out


Students line up to scan their homecoming tickets before the dance starts.“We didn’t have anything last year and a lot of kids that bought tickets were sophomores, who didn’t get to have any high school experiences last year,” Carrie Coates SS said. “Life’s gotten a little bit back to normal and they wanted to be part of that.”

Anthony Steffens, Ranger Review Reporter

The 70’s themed homecoming at Lewis-Palmer High School has seen some obstacles in the way of ticket shortages. Carrie Coates SS has spent homecoming week overseeing the sale of tickets.

“We advertised and we started selling tickets earlier than normal. We were going to have it in the commons, but we could only sell 650 tickets because that’s the maximum fire capacity,” Coates said. “We sold out within two days.”

Many students, such as Nathan Unks 10 had difficulty buying and waiting for the tickets before the gym opened.

“It was pretty challenging because the person that I took was from a different school so I had to do the guest slip process, I had to get the tickets for her, and also didn’t have much cash on me at the time the tickets were selling,” Unks said. ”It was hard to get in lines and wait an entire hour just to get to the booth and not have what I needed to just get the tickets.”

This shortage wasn’t only affecting the student body. Mrs. Coates had to put up with hardships as a result of unsatisfied students.

“I had to give up my lunches to stand in line because sometimes students would yell at Student Council members about selling tickets,” Coates said. “I had to deal with kids coming into my classes to try to buy a ticket and turn them away.”

When the gym was opened for homecoming and more tickets were available, students were significantly less desperate and the process was much smoother.

“Opening up the gym lessened these complications,” Coates said. “We had a huge line for the first two days, but once we opened it, they weren’t as frantic and most of the students bought tickets by then.”

Through the long wait and complications, students still enjoyed the homecoming dance in the end.

“I had a ton of fun and I know a ton of friends that had lots of fun,” Unks said. “It was definitely worth the wait, time, and energy spent just trying to get the tickets.”