People Celebrating Halloween Again


People carve pumpkins in a lot of different ways. This pumpkin is a Cheshire cat from Alice and Wonderland.

Lara Olagne, Ranger review reporter

Last year because of Covid 19 a lot of things were upsetting, and Halloween didn’t happen. But it comes back this year and Lewispalmer students and staff are excited about it. 

“It’s exciting to have it back because we couldn’t really do anything last year because of covid,”  said Reagon Wilson, 11.

 Cameron Lowe 12 can’t wait either because last year he couldn’t celebrate Halloween. 

“I am more excited than I have been in the past because last year we didn’t do much on Halloween because of covid,” Lowe said.  

Harry Haccrow 10 explains how he feels about it. 

“I’m feeling pumped for this year,” Haccrow said. 

Brett Lester, teacher and coach at Lewis Palmer is very motivated for Halloween too. It is a good opportunity to have a good time with his son.

“Excited! My 5 year old son it is one of his favorite holidays so we enjoy the festivities,” Lester said. 

Indeed a lot of students have very excited plans going on for halloween. Kylie Donlan 12 explained to us her plans. She is going to chill at home.

“I’m gonna get candies and watch movies,” Donlan said.

Harvest Mitchell-Harper 10 shares the same plans as Donlan.

“I might just watch movies at home,” Mitchell-Harper said.

Harry Hacrow 10 has different plans. He is going to meet friends to celebrate Halloween.

“I don’t know if we are gonna trick or treat this year but we definitely gonna have a party,” Haccrow said.  

Lewis Palmer’s students and staff have a lot of different and original ideas for Halloween costumes.

Cameron Lowe 12 shared with us his idea. He is going to wear a funny costume.

“I am gonna dress up as Jackie moon,” Lowe said.

“I am gonna be Ghost Face from Scream,” Pirry said.

Some of the students are going to have matching costumes with their friends like Haccrow.

“I am going as a pirate with all my friends,” Haccrow said.

Lester is going to have a matching costume too but with his son.

“ I am going to match my son as a mister potato head,” Lester said. 

But some of them still have to figure that out. Indeed we still have time left and it is a complicated choice. This is the case of Gracelyn Hess 12.

“ I have to figure out how I am going to dress up. There are too many good ideas and you have to have a good one because you didn’t get one last year,” Hess said.