Smith amazes Lewis-Palmer with his passion for photography


Mandy Rosen, Ranger Review Reporter

Creighton Smith 9 is a student at Lewis-Palmer with a passion and talent for photography. He almost always has his camera at his side, and never wants to miss an opportunity for a good shot. Although students often see him at games and dances taking pictures, not many people know what ignited his interest in photography. 

“I first got interested in photography because it’s been running in my family for a long time. Mainly my grandma and my dad inspired me, but my great grandfather was a photographer in the military,” Smith said. “My dad shot for the newspaper, so I remember looking at pictures on the wall and hearing stories from my dad.”

Smith is involved in martial arts and other hobbies, but photography is what he wants to pursue throughout and after high school. Since he is only a freshman, he is excited to continue his photography journey through high school. In college, he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and travel the world with his camera at his side. 

“My dad went to Africa for a year in college as a primatology student and took pictures. He was able to take his camera and study primates in the jungle,” Smith said. “So I’ve been looking at those pictures and would love to go and do the same thing.”

Even though Smith mainly takes pictures for athletics and after-school activities, he takes his camera everywhere and likes to get photos anywhere he can. He’s always ready to jump on new opportunities to be involved in the community through photography. 

“My plan is not to just be a portrait photographer or landscape photographer. I’m looking forward to doing various kinds of photography, but right now, in the highschool environment I find myself taking a lot of sports pictures and dances, and I’m really having a lot of fun, “ Smith said. “I also am a volunteer photographer for Our Community News (OCN) newspaper, which is Monument’s local newspaper that you can volunteer and work for. I am working with them and like to practice outside of school.” 

Smith’s photos capture the atmosphere of Lewis-Palmer High School and our students doing the things they love the most. Athletes can find pictures of themselves in a lot of places online and at school. Pictures of school events and dances can be found on his social media and in the yearbook.

“Usually where my pictures end up is on my social media, yearbook, or in the halls and on the school website page,” said Smith, “Really, I take my camera everywhere I go and never want to miss that special shot.”