Skiing season of 2022 in full swing

A skier that is skiing off the slopes in the forest. This picture was taken at Keystone.

A skier that is skiing off the slopes in the forest. This picture was taken at Keystone.

Hanna Meywerk, Ranger Review Reporter

Colorado is one of the states with a high rate of skiers and snowboarders with 31 ski resorts, the fourth biggest one in the United states.  They travel to popular ski resorts like Breckenridge, Aspen, Vail and Beaver Creek. Some just go with their family and friends to have a good and fun time skiing and others will compete in all kinds of competitions and train for them. 

Josh Brennan, for example, is a senior at Lewis-Palmer High School and passionate skier who has been skiing for 8 years. His favorite thing about skiing is just the environment and people at his favorite ski resort, Winter Park.

“Me and my family and friends always ski at winter park every single time and I just ski for fun,” Josh Brennan said. “I love the skiing community because people are really nice, awesome and fun”.

One thing that is definitely for sure this season is that all skiers and snowboarders are very excited about this year’s ski season, especially with Covid-19 limiting last year’s season.

“The conditions have been very good so far this ski season, we’ve gotten a lot of snow up in Winter Park. And I have also gotten the chance to get a lot better this season and kind of graduated from blues to regularly doing blacks now,” Brennan said.

Alyssa Brainard who is a sophomore at Lewis-Palmer High School and participates in lots of competitions also loves skiing and the opportunity to be outside and be fast on the slopes.

“I like being outdoors and it’s really fun to go really fast because of the adrenalin, the fastest I’ve ever gone is 65 mph,” Brainard said.

Last year’s season Brainard did racing and this year she is doing skier-cross and has been pretty successful so far.

“I won two races in New Mexico and two at Cooper. I also just placed first in one race at Aspen and then placed second in another one in Aspen,” Brainard said. “And one of my biggest achievements this season so far is qualifying for nationals which will take place in the beginning of April.