The past called and they want their trends back


Lilly Poteet

Lilly Poteet 10, embodies the trend color coordination. “The shoes tie into the pants which compliment the top part of my outfit,” Poteet said.

Madison Skalko, Ranger Review Reporter

The past called and they want their trends back!

By Madison Skalko; Ranger Review Reporter 

A lot of 90s and 70s trends are making their way back to mainstream fashion. The biggest ones to have a revival are low rise pants, bold colors and beachwear as streetwear.

“I think most of life is based on history, and even in fashion, taking trends from the past and then reinventing them for the future, for what’s to come It’s really inventive and creative,” Harry Harcrow 10 said. 

Lilly Poteet 10 is really into anything that has to do with fashion. She loves both 90s and 70s trends. 

“I think there’s definitely a contradiction between the two trends or two time periods because there’s such a variation between them,” Poteet said. “But I think and I think mixing them would be a little icky just in my personal opinion.”

Poteet believes that low rise jeans can bring an outfit to a new level. She is always eager to use them in her outfits, as well as experiment with them.

“I personally love the rise jeans because they can really elevate a look super easily. It totally gives some y2k blast in the past type, but if you’re comfortable with them, then totally you can rock them.”

Contrarially, Jack Markowitz 11 believes the exact opposite: low rise are difficult to pull off. However, he still thinks you should wear what you want as long as it makes you happy.

“I don’t think I can pull off low rise jeans or pants, I think that some people can, and I think that you should wear what you want,” Jack Markowitz 11 said. “I think that as long as we can move past the societal view of who should wear clothes that I think that anyone can wear and then it’s fine.”

The internet has also predicted trends from the 2010s possibly making their way back, such as, the twee aesthetic, bright, loud colors and skinny jeans. Pilar Augustine 12 has very strong opinions on these upcoming trends.

“The twee and UGG boots. I feel like I like the twee trend on the right person in the right setting, but I just wouldn’t do that every day for UGG boots,” Augustine said. 

Augustine shares her advice for those who don’t know if they should follow the trends. She, like Markowitz, believes people should just enjoy the clothes they wear.

“Just wear what you want to wear. If you want to wear skinny jeans, go for it,” Augustine said. “Am I gonna wear skinny jeans? No, but do what you want to feel good about yourself.”