Office manager cherishes time at LP

Emelia Evory, Ranger Review Reporter

Miss Verrie is an office manager, along with managing LP’s office she also is passionate about helping the students hoping to be impacting them . 

When I came here I had volunteered a lot over Kilmer when my kids were little. I was in need of a job because the company that I was working with was closing. So I decided well you know I really liked working in the schools, but I hadn’t done anything,I’d never worked in a school before. So I applied for the receptionist position and LP, and I ended up getting it and while I was here I felt like it was kind of just a holding place like that wasn’t where I was really supposed to be, and so I had started looking for other jobs. Towards the end of that year the office manager’s husband got a job and she had to up and leave. They asked me if I would at least put my application in, so I did. Principal Brandell gave me my job as the office manager and she said you need to be working with kids, and I realized it’s what I’d love to hear. I absolutely love the office manager job because I do I get to work with kids all the time, I get to do customer service, which I absolutely love. I don’t know that many kids know me, but I hope they see me around and know oh, she’s taking care of us. This is my perfect, perfect job.