Moffett reflects on school with volleyball

Quinn Ferguson, Ranger Review Reporter

Emily Moffett 9 is not “just the tall girl”, she wants to be known by her achievements on and off the volleyball court.

“Volleyball is an outlet for me to feel better. It’s like a distraction after a hard day and it feels good to put in hard work to get good results. I’d like to be remembered for my attitude and my personality. I think my achievements should define me. Most of my friends are from volleyball and I practice with these few girls that I see a couple days a week. We put all the hard work in together. I think it makes us really close. We also really get close from going through the same punishments together and getting held up by our coach or having bad times and good wins. I think it’s different in school though, you are not close with everyone you are around. Feel like people just know me as a tall girl. If nothing else like I remember for the way I work. I feel that you just need to have fun where your life is. So, if you had a bad hair day once no one’s going to remember that in the long run. Don’t take it too seriously.”