Rhianna Lingle aspires to have career as violinist


Rhianna Lingle 10 reaches for a book. "I've always just known what I've wanted to with my life since kindergarten."

Lilly Pike, Ranger Review Reporter

“I’ve been playing violin since I was four. I practice five hours a day. And yeah, I like music. It’s kind of my life.  My parents always told me that I begged to start playing when I was two. My parents played classical music for me because they thought it would make me smarter. I’ve always just known what I wanted to do with my life since kindergarten. I want to be a concert violinist, whether it’s solo or at a chamber music program like a string quartet. Definitely not orchestra, because orchestra sucks. On July 28, 2018, I was with my string quartet, and I’ve known them since I started orchestra when I was seven. And I was playing in concert with them. We played Smetana’s string quartet number one, in E minor, it was the premiere concert that we played as a group. We’d spent two weeks rehearsing at a chamber music summer camp, and it was just such a good concert. We all had such a good time even though we made a few mistakes obviously, everyone messes up. But, it was just a really fun moment. We’re all so connected. I kind of miss that now.”