Preston Collier maintains academic goals

Lily Ragsdale, Ranger Review Reporter

Preston Collier 10 is a sophomore who excels in school and hopes to use his intellect so that he can go to medical school for college in the future.

“I multitask on the daily by being a ‘genius’ and playing hockey.  I enjoy both very much and I don’t think they get in the way of each other. When I get out of high school I plan on going to college for medicine. Becoming a doctor is definitely one of my goals. At my old school, some of my friends really encouraged me to hit my goals. I really regret moving because I don’t have the same connections with people here. I think that I can make connections with people, it’ll just be a little more challenging. Some people may think I’m just smart, but I’m also really sarcastic and like to joke around.  The whole ‘being smart’ doesn’t come easy ‘cause if I want to reach my goal on going to med school and becoming a doctor, I have to work ten times harder in school and not just pass with a 4.0. I have to get a more than perfect GPA, which I did last year and plan on doing again this year. I want to help people and I can do that by being a doctor, that’s why I want to be one, oh and they make bank.”